Welcome to ”Bajen Pins” in English.

This is the home of my collection of pins, badges, needles and medals related to the Swedish Premiership Club ”Hammarby IF” (nicknamed ”Bajen”).

The ambition of this page is to document the Hammarby IF history in a slightly different way. From early 1900’s up until today. The collection does currently encompass around 350 unique objects.

I am very interested in acquiring new and old pins/badges. Both buying and/or trading. Have a look in the menu option ”Sökes” above (or here) where I list badges/pins that I know about, but still miss! The list is by no mean exhaustive so you may have a badge that I do miss. If so, please get in touch.

In order to get an overview the collection I have divided it into three separate sections, which are found under the menu option ”Samlingen” (the Collection) above.

Hammarby IF
Official badges related to the club. Old school and new items. (here)

Covers the official ”Hammarby Supporters Club”, Bajen Fans (largest fans organisation), Ultras, Bara Bajare, etc. (here)

Finally, ”All other badges”
Old and new commercially issued badges/series, badges issued by individual (or group of) supporters and everything else not covered by the two previous sections. (here)

If you would like to get in touch with me, you find all details under the menu option ”Kontakt” above or here.

In conclusion, I hope that you as a visitor enjoy my home of Hammarby pins and badges. Feel free to leave a comment.



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